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Business Automation within the Business World

Business Process Management is a discipline in operation management where people use different methods and tools to measure, improve, optimize and automate complex business processes. It can help companies simplify their business processes, achieve digital transformation, and improve their service delivery. Business process automation (BPA), the most practical technology to optimize working process, can be […]

Businesses Brace for Brexit

In two months, Great Britain is scheduled to depart from the European Union, and no deal has been solidified to ensure a soft exit where trade deals can remain intact, and British businesses do not get harmed in the process. Some consider this exit better than remaining in the European Union at all, but businesses […]

Trade Talks with China Set to Resume

On March 1st of this year, United States’ tariffs on Chinese goods are set to increase from 10% to 25%, marking an important escalation in the current Trade War between the two countries. This week Mr. Trump and Chinese officials are set to meet to discuss ways of possibly avoiding this escalation. Last year, the […]

All About The DAWIA

The Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act (DAWIA) was enacted in 1990, following an internal review of the Department of Defense, commissioned by President Reagan, after the review indicated a great deal of mismanagement in the Department of Defense. Thus, the purpose of the bill was to ensure that future employees of the DoD were well […]

The Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

On January 21st, America will be celebrating perhaps its greatest social hero, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. In that interim since his untimely death, we as a nation have achieved many of his goals, yet his work remains unfinished. On the holiday commemorating the achievements of this great leader, we should also remember all of […]

Economic Growth & Consumer Confidence

As of the month of October 2018, U.S markets have taken a massive hit going from “all time highs” to losing all gains in the entire year. While this is concerning to investors, most of Americans who do not own Stocks feel little to no change in their lives. In fact, most of the other […]

New Year New Tech

The year 2018 has introduced many new technologies that could radically change the way people live. These technologies were seen as newfangled concepts, a pipe dream. However slowly but surely these technologies are beginning to take shape. For example, the IDC (International Data Corporation) anticipates that overall spending for AI technology will reach $57.6 billion […]

Consolidation of Schedules: GSA’s New Vision

The General Service Administration operates 24 Multiple Award Schedules with schedules being organized under industry or type of service. However, GSA has recently announced that it will change the current schedule and consolidate all 24 MAS to one schedule. This announcement will affect all contractors with this type of schedule contract. In addition, it will […]

Government Shutdown Imminent?

The government is reaching a deadline to reach an agreement over seven outstanding appropriation bills. Currently, the deadline for these bills is December 21. Congress was able to pass brand new spending bills for various government organizations but were not able to finish the last seven bills before the midterms. As a result, Congress decided […]

Sales on Small Business Saturday

The Great Recession of the 2000s and early 2010 took a major toll on small businesses in the United States. Post-recession and small businesses are still struggling to support themselves. In response, American Express launched Small Business Saturday in the early 2010s. This special event takes place in between the Black Friday/ Cyber Monday rush. […]